Alfa Romeo

Passion & Dedication

Alfa Romeo

Purchasers of Alfa Romeo’s believed it was more than just a car. It was an emotional purchase based on the cars iconic design, style and passion!

The Challenge

As there were no new car launches in 2014, the challenge was to build a sustained presence in 2014 and to build a story around passion that would resonate with our target audience of ABC1 adults.

We needed to overcome the inertia felt by car purchasers seeking a functional transaction and tap into Alfa’s unique Italian sense of ‘the thrill of the drive’, to re-ignite their passions and connect and excite them at a deeper level with the brand. Capturing their heart and evoking these emotions was the challenge for 2014!

The Solution

A year long bespoke strand of new commissions was crafted and titled “Passion For Life” across C4, More 4, 4 seven and 4OD.


The results

The on air linear sponsorship reached over 18.5 Million ABC1 adults (over 68%) and the bravery to be associated with a brand new series was rewarded with rating success across the board and The island, For the Love of Cars, Speed with Guy Martin all being commissioned for a second series in 2015.

The short form Passion for life series was the most successful original format on the shorts platform with over 7.4 million views and completion rate at a staggering 97% on iOS and nearly 90% on 70% of viewers would tell their friends to watch the programmes 83% said they would watch more episodes in the future.

A media first, the digital short form series was commissioned to be re-packaged into a linear peak time 30 minute long-form AFP TX for C4 main-channel. This was broadcast on the 27th December at 18.40 and achieved the highest audience of the day (c 1.5M million adults) on C4.

Additional Info

The heart of the partnership with Alfa Romeo was a bespoke sponsorship strand across C4, More 4, 4 seven and 4OD – titled “Passion for life”.


4th March 2015


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