Jeep & National Geographic Channel

Jeep & National Geographic Channel

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most awarded SUV

The audience/brand challenge

Many of Jeep’s competitors have effectively built up their ‘premium’ image with multiple messages across a range of media touch points over several years, meaning that they were some way ahead of Jeep in the UK audience’s minds.

Jeep needed to provide credible reasons for consumers to believe the Grand Cherokee stood for quality, advanced technology and was relevant to the affluent UK market.

The content solution

Sponsorship was chosen as the ideal vehicle to challenge the problem of Jeep’s misconception. It provided a long-term platform and the opportunity to build small stories around the Grand Cherokee, demonstrating its relevance to the target audience’s life.

We partnered with National Geographic Channel to create a year-long partnership which included a sponsorship of their primetime programming and nine mini documentaries with National Geographic Channels presenter Tim Shaw that took the Grand Cherokee around the UK.

30” cut downs of the documentaries were played out in commercial airtime across the Sky Portfolio around premium programming.

The results

A brave and radically different approach for Jeep, the partnership formed the only major above-the-line support for the Grand Cherokee in 2014. The results to date have been outstanding:
H1 sales have increased by a staggering 84% year-on-year.
Independent research revealed significant shifts against all the brand metric statements.
And the campaign won the Hollis 2015 Best TV Sponsorship Category.


15th June 2015


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