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The changing face of TV sponsorship

  Last month saw UKTV bring to market the first TV sponsorship opportunity that could be sponsored by a brands ‘sale’ – think DFS. Essentially what this meant was a route to market for those brands that had been averse to TV sponsorship due to the previously...

Small Wins: The Rise of Micro Influencers

Why micro? Micro influencers, by definition, are individuals with a social media following of under 100k, the exact number still widely debated. In a media landscape where the size of reach is often key, why are we now seeing a shift in behaviour that favours the...

Live Experiences: Sparking conversations

Our ambition is to create a real world connection between consumers and brands by immersing them in engaging live experiences. Positive emotions towards a brand build loyalty and create advocates who share their experiences either face to face or on social media. Here are our top...

Should brands be considering broadcast sponsorship?


The relaxation of the Ofcom code provides more freedom for brands around what they can sponsor and how they can use it. This combined with the recent evolution of the sponsorship market over the last few years, leaves us in a position where broadcasters are now encouraging brands to achieve true 360 integration with a programme, strand of programming, daypart or even a whole channel.


Today, social media has changed the communication landscape for brand marketers. It is a vast, complex and highly competitive place. How can brands cut through the current noise and get in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message? How can we, at Chorus ensure that we lead by example, and offer the best opportunity for our clients? Firstly, through some key best practises: