Live Experiences: Sparking conversations

Live Experiences: Sparking conversations

Our ambition is to create a real world connection between consumers and brands by immersing them in engaging live experiences. Positive emotions towards a brand build loyalty and create advocates who share their experiences either face to face or on social media.

Here are our top tips for creating brand experiences that make an impact:

  • Incorporate experiential and content generation at the planning stage – this is crucial to ensure it is integrated with all other media touchpoints to successfully excite, engage and amplify.
  • Understand your audience. Gaining extensive audience insight should be the starting point of any client brief to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. We have access to cutting edge audience insight tools and best practice for finding killer insights.
  • Tailor the experience using technology appropriately to engage your audience. This means staying at the cutting edge of innovation.  A bespoke installation may be perfectly well suited to a game show-style experience at a shopping centre, while edgier tools such as Oculus Rift can ignite higher budget experiences.
  • Location, location, location! Deploying an experience on a Leeds high street on a Wednesday afternoon probably wouldn’t reach a target audience of 35-year-old males. Equally, don’t be tempted to target Shoreditch just because it’s trendy. Understanding exactly who your audience is will lead you to where they are.
  • Seat clear KPIs for measurement early on, taking care to define and manage expectations for each piece of activity. Experiential campaigns can have wide-ranging objectives, from delivering X amount of samples at POS to generating thousands of YouTube views. Bear in mind that every influencer you reach with an impactful immersive experience may potentially reach out to 60 or more people through word of mouth allowing a story to live on beyond the initial experience.

We are in a new experience age of marketing where technology, innovation and brand experience converge, and live experiences need to be woven into a brands’ media strategy. Whether this is part of the 70% established core activation or about being innovative and trialling new and different opportunities, it’s important that our live experiences push boundaries.

We need to create emotional affinity and grab people’s attention; to talk to people rather than market to consumers. A multi-sensory experience with a brand can create those meaningful connections that have people talking and sharing long after the curtains close.